February 2021

Spray Lakes Recreation Centre

Cochrane, AB


SWIM: (10 minutes)
This can often be the most nerve racking component in a triathlon. We promise we are here to assist you, make you as comfortable as possible and ensure you are successful! 

Before the swim, athletes will go to the FAMILY CHANGE ROOM, which will be designated specifically for Rise Up Tri athletes that day. You can get changed into what you will swim or even complete the entire race in, lock up (please bring a lock) any items you will not need for the triathlon and of course use the washroom.

You will then enter onto the pool deck through the family change room. You will bring with you a small bag with a towel (A TOWEL IS A MANDATORY ITEM for this event), your swim cap and goggles, your running shoes, water bottle, and any clothes you want to put on after the swim. 


Your group leader will organize you into lanes and will accommodate any requests to be in a lane with your friend or close to the wall as examples. 

On the word go, athletes will enter the water and swim as many lengths as they can in the 10 minutes. You will swim in a clockwise direction (lane rope will be directly on your left). To pass someone, tickle their toes and AT THE END OF THE LANE, you can stop and allow them to pass. You are welcome to stop and rest as much as you want or need at the end of the lanes in the 10 minutes. 

Lap counters will be at one end of the lane to count your laps for you. 


YOU ONLY HAVE 10 MINUTES! And its going to be a busy 10 minutes. You must move quickly and efficiently. You will head back to the change rooms.

In the 10 minutes you must, get out of the pool, dry off, put on any extra clothes, use the washroom if needed, walk the 2 minutes up to the spin room, set up your bike and listen to instructions from Spray Lakes staff. You will be surprised how quickly 10 minutes goes by!  

Athletes must dry off before leaving the pool area. We cannot track water down the hall. Please remember TOWELS ARE MANDATORY.


BIKE: (20 minutes)
Once in the spin room you will  have to be FAST to get on your bike and have the seat set to the right height. 

You must find the right mix of tension and RPM (rotations per minute) of your pedal stoke to ensure you move forward distance wise on your computer. Any issues or questions, during the bike just put up your arm and a volunteer or Spray Lakes Cycling Instructor will come and assist you. 

Volunteers will record the distance on your bike computer after the 20 minutes is up. 


It is a short walk from the spin rooms, to the track. Athletes may zip to the washroom, grab a quick snack, etc. however, please ensure you are at the track a few minutes before your run portion starts to be checked in and receive instruction.


RUN: (15 minutes)
Athletes will run in the OUTSIDE 2 lanes on the track and walkers will use the inside lane. Please pass on the LEFT and be mindful of other athletes and Spray Lakes members when passing.
The track is open to Spray Lake Fitness members. 
Spectators may NOT run with you - the run captain will be monitoring this closely. The run captain will notify you of which direction you will be running in. There will be lap counters counting your laps. 


After the race, your group will meet in the lobby to receive your finisher's bracelet, your finisher's sheet with what you completed, and for some light snacks and drinks. This will be a great opportunity to chat about the race with friends and your group! 


We know that bringing friends and family to the event is special and important. Spectators are absolutely welcome at the Rise Up Tri. 

SWIM: This is the BEST spot for spectators to get to see you! We have requested the lanes closest to the viewing area and they can see you the entire time and cheer you on. 

BIKE: The spin rooms are small and due to liability, we cannot have spectators inside. HOWEVER, your loved ones are welcome to take turns with the other eager family members poking their heads in to see how you are doing.

RUN: there will be space outside the track area that spectators can cheer you on. 


Friday, February, 2021

10 - 5pm
(1703 10th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0K1)

Saturday, February, 2021
10 - 2pm 
(1703 10th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0K1)



Sunday, February 2021

6am                   Facility Opens

6am                   Athlete Check In begins - you must check-in minimum                                   30 minutes before your heat  

6:30am              Rise Up Women's Indoor Triathlon 


*16 people per heat