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If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact

Location: Spray Lake Sawmill Family Sports Centre 

(800 Griffin Rd E, Cochrane, AB T4C 2B8)

Time: depends on the shift you signed up for

Parking: there is ample parking in the parking lot right at the recreation centre.  

What to bring: comfy clothes, indoor shoes and a water bottle. If you want to dress in any bright, fun colors or costumes we welcome it! This triathlon is a fun event and any extra energy you can bring to it is welcome. We will have coffee and snacks for you when you arrive!


Here is a list of positions that you have signed up with your responsibilities for the day.

Rise Up staff will be on site the day of and ensure everyone is comfortable with their roles. There are 8 heats of 16 women.

Take a read through the other positions in your area to see how everyone's role applies in moving the participants through your area. 

Athlete Check-In - you will be at a table in the lobby. You welcome these excited and slightly nervous athletes, and mark off each woman as they arrive on the heat sheet to confirm they have arrived. You will then direct them to their heat leader.

Heat Leaders - the heat leaders will help the women move through the facility during their event. Don't worry if you do not know that facility, we will orient you when you get there. 

You will be there all day leading them, answering questions and handing out their finisher' bracelets. This position needs to be filled by a female and the person should be an experienced triathlete.


30 minutes prior to the heat starting: 

You will greet the 16 women in the lobby at check in (ensuring they are all present), body mark them with their race number on their LEFT arm and and their RIGHT leg, and ensure they are ready and excited to go.

20 minutes prior to the heat starting: 

You will direct them into the change rooms and have them put anything they do not need for the event in their locker. You will then meet them on deck and ensure they have:


-OPTIONAL: swim cap


-any extra clothes they are putting on

-running shoes 

-OPTIONAL: cycling shoes


10 minutes prior to the heat starting:

You will direct them onto the deck to be organized into their lanes.


During the Triathlon:

You will communicate with the swim marshals when the start of the heat will begin. Once the swim has started, you can cheer and encourage the athletes. 

After the swim is over you will ensure all women get to transition and know where to go to make their way to the spin room. Again you will have a check in sheet, this time to ensure all women have made it to the spin room. 

You will communicate with the bike marshals when the start of the bike will be. Once the bike has started, you can cheer and encourage the athletes. 

Ensure all women know where to go to make their way to the track. Again you will have a check in sheet, this time to ensure all women have made it to the track. 

You will communicate with the run marshals as to when the start the run will be. 

Once the run has started, you can cheer and encourage the athletes. 


Post race:

Upon your group finishing on the track, bring your group down from the track to Jugo Juice (beside the main entrance/across from the members services desk). Each participant will receive a Jugo Juice.  Participants should bring their bibs in and the staff will cross their bib off when they receive their smoothie. 


You will then head back to the athlete check-in desk where the volunteers will hand out your group's bracelets and finisher's certificates!


You will then get a group picture taken of you and your group and you can direct them to the Mount Royal University massage students who will be on hand to give 10-minute post-race massages! 


Say Good-bye and know that we are SO VERY GRATEFUL for you helping these women on this special day. 

Swim Marshals - line up each heat and determine who will be in which lanes together based off projected time. Direct women to what lanes they will be in. 2 will start at one end and 2 at the other. You will notify heat leaders to let athletes know when it is last lap.

Bike Marshals - you will be helping the women get on their bikes and get them properly set up to ride comfortably and efficiently. The Spray Lakes staff will be in charge of the time however, you will play an important role in walking around during the ride to ensure the riders are still OK on their bikes, maximizing the ride (do they have enough or too much tension), cheering and motivating, and helping sanitize the bikes after the riders finish.

Run Support - Communicate with the heat leader and officiate the 15 minutes on the track, and ensure the track is running smoothy with any facility members also using the track. You will direct runners into the outer 2 lanes and the walkers into the inner lane. You will facilitate "last lap!" 

Bracelet and Finisher's Certificate Table - this lovely team will ensure each racer gets their bracelet and finisher's certificate. 

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